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Production / signmaker


The Signmaker is responsible for all aspects of the physical construction of signs. Sign Makers are responsible for assembling signs from computer cut vinyl as well as wide format full color prints and various substrates. Sign assembly includes preparing substrates, applying vinyl or digital prints, and on-site installation. Signmaker must also mount and/or laminate digital prints and is responsible for setting up and a hot/ or cold laminator for over-laminating, encapsulating or mounting of digital imaged products. Sign Maker must also proofread signs and conduct quality assurance to ensure the efficient production of high quality, accurate signs.


1. Follow written layout instructions to place computer-generated vinyl or full color graphic image(s) on a predetermined substrate or medium.
2. Accurately prepare substrates for vinyl application. This may include cutting, painting, laminating and cleaning the substrates for vinyl application.
3. Weed excess vinyl from computer cut images. Weeding techniques vary with size, type of vinyl and complexity of image. Sign Maker must know how and when to use each technique.
4. Perform quality assurance measures pre- and post-construction by accurately reading and interpreting a Work Order and then proofing for errors or unacceptable standards (i.e., bubbles, creases, ragged edges, poor registration).
5. Performs finishing operations such as laminating, encapsulating or mounting of printed pieces
6. Threads laminating material into machine, sets temperature, pressure and guides for proper feeding of material
7. Communicate with other employees and customers in a calm and professional manner; and listen well.
8. Report inventory levels and stock reorder needs to the manager as needed.
9. Help unload and store raw materials; clean and maintain storage areas.
10. Perform routine machine maintenance and minor repairs when necessary
11. Maintain production rate consistency; meet or exceed established minimum production rates.
12. Work on different projects simultaneously.
13. Perform on-site and in-store sign installations.
14. Comply with relevant occupational health and safety requirements
15. Keep the production area neat, clean and organized.
16. Serve as a backup for answering the phone if the owner, manager and sales/service employees are busy assisting other customers.
17. Understand the ordering process well enough to deal with a customer order if necessary.

Come to 1920 N Grand Ave Sherman Texas to fill out a application or drop off your resume. If time allows please come prepared to have a short interview.


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